Geelong Baseball Association Smoke-Free Policy




Tobacco smoking is the largest single preventable cause of death and disease in Australia today. The Baseball Club as a member of the Geelong Baseball Association (GBA) affiliated with Baseball Victoria recognise that environmental tobacco smoke is hazardous to health and that non-smokers should be protected from exposure to tobacco smoke.

Therefore the following policy will apply to all facilities, functions and activities associated with the game of baseball under the governance of the GBA. This policy will apply to all members, administrators, officials, coaches, players and visitors of an affiliated baseball club or attending any baseball club function or event.


All pavilions at  any park/reserve will be 100% smoke free

All indoor areas of the pavilions including the foyer and toilets will be 100% smoke free

All change rooms will be 100% smoke free

All covered areas associated with pavilions will be 100% smoke free

Cigarettes/tobacco products will not be sold or dispensed from a vending machine

Junior Games

Where there are junior games (under 18 years) being played all smoking will be banned from the whole park/reserve while these junior games are being played.


Any official function will be 100% smoke free. This applies to awards dinners, social gatherings and committee meetings.

All printed material emanating from a baseball club in relation to functions will reinforce the smoke free status of the function/event

Receptacles will be provided to minimise rubbish left by smokers and to encourage smokers to dispose of cigarettes correctly

No smoking signage will be displayed in all indoor areas

Baseball Clubs, Players or Officials

Officials of the baseball club are to refrain from smoking, chewing or dipping tobacco while acting in an official capacity. Players, Coaches, Managers and Team Managers are to refrain from smoking, chewing or dipping tobacco while in uniform (by uniform it is meant having a playing top on and visibly displayed) or representing their club or the GBA in any capacity on or off the field.


Failure to comply would lead to immediate ejection from the game and any subsequent game on that day and a fine of $100. A second and subsequent offence will be treated as a reported person with immediate ejection and the Tribunal Chairman would be able to investigate the offence and hand down an appropriate penalty (suspension) and a fine of $200 would apply.

Continued failure to comply with this policy could also lead to the reported person or club reporting to the Board of the GBA where penalties could be levied against any individual, official or club. The Board will have sole discretion as to the penalty levied.