Lions in a slugfest: Rams edge Bears

Kingsley Collins

12 May 2018

While the weather may have been ordinary, Round Five produced some thrilling and hard-fought contests in A Grade competition, where Guild hung on for a one-run result over Lara Wildcats - in a game that produced twenty-seven runs – while Newport edged out Bellarine to remain undefeated after now playing each club once for the 2018 season.

Not so close at Prince of Wales, however, where Saints went on a scoring spree to blank Mounties in a one-sided contest, while Deakin was pushed all the way by a dogged Colac Braves before forging ahead against an opponent that struggled for offensive production against some quality left-armed pitching. 



DEAKIN 7 defeated COLAC 1


Plating three unearned off Colac starter Alex Lewis in the second, Deakin was pretty well held through the middle innings before withstanding a challenge in the fifth and edging away with a productive flurry towards the end.


Conceding just three hits over the contest, Pat Moulton (five innings for two hits) and Chris Webb dominated the Colac offence, while the Deakin lineup took advantage of nine free passes and some timely hitting provided by Moulton (two hits and an RBI), Glenn Morris (two and one) and Andy Medew (one and two).


Although the Colac trio of Lewis, Josh Hay and Michael Reid kept their side in the game, the surfeit of walks – combined with a couple of costly errors - helped gift three unearned runs to the Blues, who posted their fourth win of the season to hold fourth placing over Saints.


Deakin will be at home to Lara next Saturday, while Colac faces a tough away game against league-leading Newport, which thrashed the Braves in their first encounter this season.

COLAC     0 0 0 0 1 0 0   (1)  2 errors

DEAKIN   0 3 0 0 1 2 1     (7)  3 errors


Colac:   A.Lewis, M.Cirrollo, T.Dickson

Deakin:   G.Morris 2, P.Moulton 2, K.Greenhalgh, A.Medew, M.Belfrage, C.Hickey


Colac:   B.Delorenzo

Deakin:   A.Medew 2, M.Rigby, P.Moulton, M.Belfrage, G.Morris


Colac:   A.Lewis 3 inn, 4 H, 0 K, 2 BB, 0 HPB, 0 ER

J.Hay 3 inn, 3 H, 3 Ks, 6 BB, 0 HPB, 3 ER

M.Reid 0.1 inn, 1 H, 0 K, 1 BB, 0 HPB, 1 ER

Deakin:   P.Moulton 5 inn, 2 H, 5 Ks, 2 BB, 0 HPB, 0 ER

C.Webb 2 inn, 1 H, 3 Ks, 0 BB, 0 HPB, 0 ER




In a much-anticipated clash between two of the league’s stronger offensive teams, Bellarine paid for some errant defence in conceding five unearned runs while remaining well in the contest until the Rams edged ahead in the bottom of the last - on a Jason Lester sacrifice fly.


Playing catch-up for most of the game, Bellarine drew level in the fifth – and again in the sixth – on the back of some timely hitting by Lewis Weldon (two hits and two RBIs) and Wayne Visser (two-run homer), Cameron Brown (two hits) and Chris Barker (two hits), although the Rams had enough in the tank in support of solid outings by David Asp and Jason Lester.


Lachlan Hockey was impressive over four for Bellarine – in conceding just five hits and no earned runs before Simon Murry spun a quality relief stint that was not quite enough to contain a Newport offence led by Zac Seipolt (two hits and three RBIs), Reece Longstaff and a string of others chiming in when it mattered.


Highballing at the top of the table, Newport will be at home to lowly Colac Braves next Saturday, while Bellarine makes their trek up the highway to take on Mounties.

BELLARINE   1 0 1 0 2 2 0   (6)  6 errors

NEWPORT     2 0 0 2 2 0 1   (7)  1 error


Bellarine:   C.Brown 2, L.Weldon 2, C.Barker 2, B.Wells, W.Visser (home run), S.Murry, L.Hockey, P.Brackley

Newport:   Z.Seipolt 2, R.Longstaff, A.Green, J.Thorne, J.Charles, H.Black, L.Condie


Bellarine:   L.Weldon 2, W.Visser 2, B.Wells

Newport:   Z.Seipolt 3, R.Longstaff 2, J.Lester


Bellarine:   Lachlan Hockey 4 inn, 5 H, 2 Ks, 2 BB, 0 HPB, 0 ER

S.Murry 3 inn, 3 H, 1 K, 1 BB, 0 HPB, 2 ER

Newport:   D.Asp 5 inn, 8 H, 1 K, 3 BB, 0 HPB, 3 ER

J.Lester 2 inn, 3 H, 1 K, 4 BB, 0 HPB, 2 ER


SAINTS 18 defeated MOUNTIES 0


Off to a flyer with four in the first, Saints were relatively untroubled in this contest – especially after posting a five-spot in the third and blasting seven more in the fifth for a confidence-building shellacking of the Ballarat outfit.


Going hitless over four innings, Emerson Rickard held the Mounties batters in check before Josh Lee closed out the game with a similarly controlled outing that helped collectively limit the Mounts to one hit while not issuing a walk overall – when in contrast, the home club gifted a damaging eleven walks and three HPBs.


In the manner that has typified their three winning games thus far, Saints applied a team effort in offensive production, with the standouts being Steven Fox (three hits and four RBIs), Charles Thompson (two and two), Josh Lee (two and two), George Polley (two and two) and Marcel Ernstzen (two and one).


Now holding fifth, Saints will face a tough assignment against Guild at the stadium next Saturday, while Mounties have drawn a third consecutive home game – this time against Bellarine, which will be smarting from a tough loss to Newport.

SAINTS            4 2 5 0 7 0    (18)  2 errors

MOUNTIES    0 0 0 0 0 0   (0)   2 errors


Saints:   S.Fox 3, C.Thompson 2, J.Lee 2, G.Polley 2, M.Ernstzen 2, L.Sherwell, S.Talbot, T.Elliott

Mounties:   B.Jones


Saints:   S.Fox 4, C.Thompson 2, J.Lee 2, G.Polley 2, L.Sherwell, S.Talbot, E.Rickard, T.Elliott, M.Ernstzen

Mounties:   nil


Saints:   E.Rickard 4 inn, 0 H, 3 Ks, 0 BB, 0 HPB, 0 ER

J.Lee 2 inn, 1 H, 2 Ks, 0 BB, 0 HPB, 0 ER

Mounties:   G.Smith 2 inn, 8 H, 3 Ks, 6 BB, 0 HPB, 10 ER

M.Collins 2.2 inn, 5 H, 0 K, 3 BB, 3 HPB, 5 ER

S.Kerr 1.1 inn, 1 H, 0 K, 2 BB, 0 HPB, 0 ER


GUILD 14 defeated LARA 13


For two grand clubs that have dominated the league over the past twelve years, this was an extraordinarily high-scoring contest – one in which every player going to the plate posted at least one hit.


While defensive errors were a factor for both clubs, Guild looked well in control after blasting four in the first and six in the second before the Wildcats sparked up against Lions ace Brad Egan – who departed the contest with six earned runs against his name and his side not yet safe.


Although not fully supported by his defence, Dan Anson spun a decent relief stint for the Wildcats, who applied their own pressure to the Guild defence to plate four in the fifth and another two in the last to fall just short of what would have been a memorable reversal.


Jarryd Wood (three hits) was a livewire for the Lions along with Lee Harty (home run for three ribbies), Tyler Luther-Wilson (two hits and three RBIs), Tony Kilfoyle, Chris Durston and Troy Snarey, while old stager Ben Hammer (three and three) was terrific for the Wildcats along with Ross Wilson (two and two), Jarrod Fraim (two and two) and Luke Arandt (two and two).


Second-placed Guild will be at home to Saints next Saturday and Lara will be chasing its second win when it meets Deakin at the university.

GUILD   4 6 1 0 3 0   (14)  2 errors

LARA     0 4 3 0 4 2   (13)  4 errors


Guild:   Jarryd Wood 3, C.Durston 2, T.Luther-Wilson 2, T.Kilfoyle 2, R.Stewart, J.Durston, T.Snarey, L.Harty (home run), H.Levy

Lara:   B.Hammer 3, R.Wilson 2, J.Fraim 2, D.Anson 2, L.Arandt 2, S.Forbes, S.Baumann, T.Araandt, J.Baumann


Guild:   L.Harty 3, T.Luther-Wilson 3, T.Snarey 2, C.Durston 2, T.Kilfoyle 2, H.Levy

Lara:   B.Hammer 3, R.Wilson 2, J.Fraim 2, L.Arandt 2, S.Forbes, D.Anson, T.Arandt


Guild:   B.Egan 4 inn, 10 H, 3 Ks, 3 BB, 0 HPB, 6 ER

Jarryd Wood 2 inn, 5 H, 1 K, 5 BB, 0 HPB, 2 ER

Lara:   Chris Lewis 2 inn, 8 H, 1 K, 3 BB, 1 HPB, 8 ER

D.Anson 4 inn, 6 H, 2 Ks, 2 BB, 0 HPB, 2 ER



Bellarine retained top billing in A RESERVE with a 16-11 win over Newport, which has slipped to fourth behind Guild Cubs and Guild Lions, who enjoyed solid wins – with the Cubs downing Deakin 4-1 and the Lions dispensing with Lara 16-2 – while Saints proved too strong in blanking Mounties 12-0. Sunshine remains unbeaten in B GRADE after receiving an unfortunate forfeit from Lara this week, while Alfredton edged into second place with a hard-fought 6-3 win over Bacchus Marsh and Deakin plated five in the last to force an 11-11 draw with fourth-placed Saints.

Guild scored freely in all four innings to set up a 15-8 B RESERVE result over Bellarine, while Saints were off to a flier against Deakin before being challenged mid-game and firing up again late to emerge a 14-8 winner. Mounties remains unbeaten after four in C GRADE - compliments of an 18-3 result over an enthused Bellarine outfit that is distinctly on the improve - and Guild posted its second win from two by overpowering Newport 18-6.


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