Junior Carnival Coaches:   player age eligibility

16 May 2018

Geelong Baseball Association Junior Board is pleased to announce the following Junior Carnival Coaches for Winter Championships:

Under 12:        Larry Meager (Championship scheduled for Mildura, 28 and 29 July)

Under 14:        Lee Harty (Championship scheduled for Mildura, 21 and 22 July)

Under 16:        To be announced (Championship scheduled for Morwell, 30 June and 1 July)

Under 18:        Phil Northfield (Championship scheduled for Morwell, 7 and 8 July)

Junior Carnival Coordinators are arranging trial times and locations, which will be announced shortly.

NOTE:   The GBA is still looking for an Under 16 Coach. Expressions of interests are invited, and should be sent to Geelong Baseball Association Junior Secretary:   gba.juniorsecretary@gmail.com


A player is eligible to take part in any match in the respective age group provided they are under the age of 12, 14, 16 or 18 years of age on 31 December in the year of the competition.

The minimum ages that players must have attained for participation in age groupings are specified below:

UNDER 12             minimum 8 years of age

UNDER 14             minimum 11 years of age

UNDER 16             minimum 13 years of age

UNDER 18             minimum 15 years of age

For any player to be eligible to compete, he/she must have played in at least one more than half of the games available in their respective local league fixtures prior to any junior championship.