Do YOU want to be an umpire?

The Geelong Baseball  Association  is always looking for people - men and women - interested in umpiring during the winter season.

Although summer numbers have continued to rise over recent years, winter associations - for a number of reasons - have struggled to provide umpires at all levels of competition. The Geelong Baseball Association and its affiliated clubs have a core of enthusiastic and qualified officials in this most noble - and necessary - of sporting "callings". They can guarantee plenty of support for newcomers and will provide the opportunity to work with and be mentored by experienced umpires.


Experienced and widely respected umpire Michael Lyons will again be responsible for Umpires' Coordination and Appointments during the 2018 GBA winter season (for winter appointments, click HERE).
The winter competition is based in Geelong, but there are plenty of games played at other venues - including Newport, Lara, Bacchus Marsh, Colac and Ballarat. If you live in one of those centres, would like to umpire but perhaps do not want to travel or may not be available every week, please do not be deterred from contacting us. We are flexible.
Although a modest payment is made to appointed umpires, most - probably all - find that there are other, more substantial rewards to be derived from taking up umpiring. It offers the opportunity to former players to stay involved in the game, to "put something back", to maintain old friendships and to form new ones.


There is also the satisfaction, simply, of doing a job well.

And there is plenty of scope for advancement, as evidenced by the the selection of Australian umpires for major international baseball events and by the increasing numbers of our umpiring fraternity who have established careers in United States.


As baseball continues to grow in popularity - with more elite competitions and with Masters series, women's and girl's competitions complementing the mainstream club competitions, there are great opportunities for umpires - men and women - to have a diverse and interesting range of experiences while plying their trade.


Baseball Victoria has summed up umpiring opportunities in this way:


Umpiring baseball is an excellent way to stay involved in the greatest of games as well as earn some extra money.

When you become an umpire there are many opportunities for you to progress to a higher level. The pathway for umpires is very similar to that of a player. You can start at your local club and progress your way through to the international level umpiring both tournaments and overseas competitions.

Five reasons to become an umpire:

  1. The challenge and enjoyment of umpiring an exciting baseball game from the 'best seat in the house';

  2. The opportunities to umpire at club, regional, state, national and even the international level by progressing through the development pathway;

  3. The camaraderie within the umpiring fraternity;

  4. The chance to supplement your income whilst pursuing your hobby;

  5. To play a key role in the future of the great sport of baseball.


Umpire Accreditation

Umpires obtain and maintain a National Accreditation, which can be obtained by completing an umpiring course during the year. Various levels of courses are conducted throughout the year by the State Director of Umpiring.

  • Level 0 - Junior and Senior Club games

  • Level 1 - Paid Senior Club games, State Championships

  • Level 2 - U14, U15 Girls & U16 National Championships

  • Level 3 - U18, U23 & Women's National Championships

  • Level 4 - Australian Baseball League/Claxton Shield

  • Level 5 - International Competition

Umpire Development Coordinator (UDC)

The UDC is the person appointed by Baseball Victoria to provide strategic direction and development for all Baseball Umpires in Victoria. The UDC, and his assistant, work closely with Baseball Victoria staff, Associations and Clubs to provide:

  • Umpire appointments for regional, state and national competitions (associations appoint an Appointments Coordinator to allocate club games to umpires);

  • Training and accreditation;

  • Policy and quality standards;

  • Ensuring baseball is maintained in a good light.


To discuss the range of Baseball Victoria programs for umpiring, please contact the Umpire Development Coordinator.

Stewart Howe
Umpire Development Coordinator

David Milton
Assistant Director of Umpiring