Criteria for Life Membership of the GBA







This policy sets out the minimum criteria to be eligible for nomination for an award of Life Membership of the Geelong Baseball Association Incorporated.


This award exists to recognise the valuable contribution of individuals to the current and future existence of the Geelong Baseball Association.




Life membership is the highest award available to recognise the exceptional contribution of individuals to the Geelong Baseball Association. It is therefore only to be awarded in exceptional circumstances




In considering the award of Life Membership an individual must have demonstrated significant and sustained and high quality service enhancing the reputation and future of the Association.


The nominee must be nominated and seconded by four members of affiliated and active Clubs.


Length of affiliation with or the number of games played in the Association are not a criteria for Life Membership by themselves.


The nomination must articulate the reasons why Life Membership is considered appropriate and must specify examples of work or involvement which has significantly advanced the Association.

The points to be taken into account when considering nomination include:

  1. The general attitude and overall demeanour of the nominee to ensure that the attitude is one that reflects a dedication to the  values  of the game of baseball.

  2. Commitment to the principles of good sportsmanship, valued leadership and good role modelling that reflect credit back upon the Association.

  3. It would be favourable if there has been considerable service on-field, in particular tournament teams (player, coach or team manger) or off-field with the Geelong Baseball Association (service on the Board, other Committees or critical role to the effective operation of the Association.)



 All nominations for life membership must be submitted in writing to the Executive Officer by July 31 in any given year and must be signed by at least four (4) proposers with their reasons for such nominations. 

All nominations will then be considered by the Board and if approved will be referred to the first Delegates meeting following the Board Approval with a recommendation for election.  No more than one (1) Life Member shall be admitted in any one (1) year. g.


For the nomination to be successful two thirds of those delegates must be in favour of awarding Life Membership. The voting will be by written ballot.

Only one Life Membership will be awarded per year.


If there is more than one nomination in any given year the proposer of each nomination will be invited to speak to the Board to outline why their nomination should be successful.


If successful Life Membership will be awarded at the next Senior Presentation Night.