Winter Championship Squads 2021

August 2021

​The Geelong Baseball Association Board and Junior Committee are pleased to announce the following squads that were selected to compete at the Baseball Victoria Junior Winter Championships.


Congratulations and well done on selection.

Unfortunately only the Under 16 Championships was able to be held due to various State Lockdowns.

​17-18 July       U12 SWC        Morwell - CANCELLED 15 JULY DUE TO LOCKDOWN

24-25 July       U14 SWC        Bendigo - CANCELLED 20 JULY DUE TO EXTENDED LOCKDOWN

31 Jul - 1 Aug U16 SWC        Sale - WON BY GEELONG

7-8 August      U18 SWC        Werribee - CANCELLED 5 AUGUST DUE TO LOCKDOWN


Jesse Alldis               Bellarine Bears

Ethan Bubner         Bellarine Bears

Grady Buckner      Bellarine Bears

Jameson Cooper    Deakin Baseball Club

Harry Davenport   Guild All-Stars Baseball Club

Theo Hedt               East Belmont Saints Baseball Club

Tylah Laurie           Guild All-Stars Baseball Club

Reuben Millar        Bellarine Bears

Cale Morris             Deakin Baseball Club

Jack Northfield       East Belmont Saints Baseball Club

Josh Paddle              East Belmont Saints Baseball Club

Huga Turnley         Guild All-Stars Baseball Club

Jacob Young            Deakin Baseball Club


Mick Alldis              (Head Coach)

Phill Northfield      (Assistant Coach)

Glenn Morris          (Assistant Coach)

Donna Northfield  (Scorer)

Gavan  Turnley       (Executive Officer)


Bradyn Barker                        Bellarine Bears

Addison Bishop-Worn       Werribee Giants

Will Cavanagh                       Guild All-Stars

Simon Day                              Colac Braves

Harvey Elderfield                 East Belmont Saints

Cooper Laurie                        Guild All-Stars

Nyah O'Brien                         Bellarine Bears

Levi  Packer                            Werribee Giants

Alex Paddle                             East Belmont Saints

Macks Powell                         Werribee Giants

Christian Sollberger             Deakin Baseball Club

Tanner Stack                          Guild All-Stars

Cade White                            Guild All-Stars

Oliver Yarnall                        Deakin Baseball Club


Chris Rickard                         (Head Coach)

Tim Rankin                            (Assistant Coach)

Emerson Rickard                  (Assistant Coach)

Julie Rickard                           (Scorer)

Kelvin  Paddle                        (Executive Officer)


Achilles Baumann                      Guild All-Stars

Jake Chapman                              Deakin Baseball Club

Charlie Davenport                      Guild All-Stars

Jordan Ellis                                    Guild All-Stars

Sid Grimmer                                 Guild All-Stars

Mason Hergstrom                       East Belmont Saints

Joshua Hirst                                   East Belmont Saints 

Patrick Johnson                             Bellarine Bears

Marshall McMahon                    Guild All-Stars

Riley Peoples                                  Guild All-Stars

Tylah Laurie                                   Guild All-Stars

Reid Sexton                                     Deakin Baseball Club

Beau Spencer                                  Guild All-Stars

Allistaire Lang *(emergency)     East Belmont Saints 

Thomas Rome *(emergency)     Bellarine Bears

Duane  Davenport                        (Head Coach)

Jake  Sinclair                                   (Assistant Coach)

Tarney Spencer                             (Assistant Coach)

Leanne  Gibbons                          (Scorer)

Pauline  Grimmer                        (Executive Officer)


Lucas Ash                           East Belmont Saints Baseball Club

Jacob Bergin                       East Belmont Saints Baseball Club

Addison Bishop-Worn  Werribee Giants

Noah Brennan                  Guild All-Stars Baseball Club

Jake Elderfield                   East Belmont Saints Baseball Club

Patrick Grimmer              Guild All-Stars Baseball Club

Adam Jirik                           Ballarat Royals

Joshua Masterson             Ballarat Royals

Hayden Peoples                Guild All-Stars Baseball Club

Harper Rickard                 East Belmont Saints Baseball Club

Jye Robinson                      Bellarine Bears

Maxton Sherry                  Guild All-Stars Baseball Club

Darcy Stack                        Guild All-Stars Baseball Club

Cooper Tipping                Bellarine Bears


Phill Northfield                 (Head Coach)

Harry  Levy                         (Assistant Coach)

Chris Hockey                     (Assistant Coach)

Donna  Northfield           (Scorer)

Chris  Rickard                   (Executive Officer)