Changes to Senior Draw from 18 May 2019

15 May 2019

A couple of key developments have necessitated changes to the Senior Draw, applying principally to B Grade, B Reserve and C Grade.


Newport have withdrawn their second team (from B Reserve grade) and North West Titans have been promoted from C Grade to fill their spot. This required adjustments to the particular grades, including a total re-write of the C Grade draw from Saturday 18 May.

Win/loss records for B Reserve and C Grade teams will remain the same as currently posted.


There is no longer a bye in C Grade, though there is in B Reserve.


Newport B Grade fixtures are now all single games.


All North West Titans home games are scheduled for 1.00 PM start.


A couple of other fixes to A Grade and A Reserve:


Round Ten. Bellarine versus Guild has been changed to Guild versus Bellarine at GBC 1 on Saturday (previously Sunday).


Round Fifteen. Guild versus Bellarine should now read as Bellarine versus Guild at Bellarine on Sunday.


The new Senior Draw has been forwarded to club officials. The new Draw is posted in Excel format HERE and it has been copied to Fixtures/Results/Ladders pages on the website. If there is any apparent discrepancy between the two, the Excel file should always be treated as the Official Draw.